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The Blue Funk

on 07/07/2015

images62Q85HCRHaven’t posted in a while. Haven’t thought that what I would post would be acceptable to my readers. You see …. I appear to be unacceptable to many members of my family. And some of them are, for some reason, afraid of how I might perceive them.

Well, I will soon be 75 years old, probably not much wiser than I have ever been, …. however, at least wise enough to know that I don’t have to live up to other people’s standards and also old enough to know I don’t want to.

The people in my life that judge me most harshly are my children and all but one grandchild, ….. and there are 11 of them. I’m not sure about many of their reasons, but the one that pops into my mind the most is that I do NOT feel that I have to live up (financially and materially) to their standards. I feel that moral value is the important standard.


I do a lot of re-purposing, compromising, and doing without material “beauty”. God’s creations are plenty of beauty for me. I do a lot of gardening, that is my therapy for the most part. I hope to, in the near future, achieve the skill to feed myself from my garden. As it is now, it is only surprises now and then. The herbs are very productive, and I use them regularly in my practice.



When I rented the place I live in now, I sacrificed indoor space (very small kitchen, dining, living-room and a small bedroom) for 2 large screened porches, several outbuildings, a carport with a long curved driveway on a good sized piece of land, fenced and cross-fenced and cross-fenced again. Tell you anything regarding my priorities?

All of those that I don’t measure up to were raised much like this. My values are in the land and my animals. I only have to love and nurture them. Love and nurture are enough for me. I don’t ask for any more than that. Can I get it? Not even the love. Love appears to have a price tag or string on it. Measure up or do without.

So, more thoughts. My dogs. You all have read about my Lexie. I also rescued a female Whippet/Weimaraner mix pup. She is something else. She a little over 18 months old so has quite a ways to go before she settles down. Just now she is going thru the pre-teen stage of “I heard you and don’t care”. She is beautiful tho, and not a mean bone in her body. However, I wouldn’t want to see her in action if one of us is threatened.

The garden is coming along. My friend Bill has been putting small logs around all beds so that when he weed-whips he will do no damage. And he really likes the look he has achieved as well.

The hummers are back. In 2 years the black and white ones have multiplied several times over. Yes, you read that right. I have hummers that are black and white instead of green, gray, and ruby. I have both and the 1st year they didn’t get along. This year they are.


My wildlife is back now that there is water in the pond. The water level has a long way to go. to get even near what it was when I moved here. But some is better than none. I will be glad if/when the water level comes up where it is supposed to be.



2 responses to “The Blue Funk

  1. cahall63 says:

    Ma’am, you just go right ahead living like you live! From what I read, I’ll probably be just like you in about 20 years…I’m kind of like you now! I have an 8 year old lab mix that never outgrew the “I heard you and I don’t care” stage. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. […] Part of the requirements for the Blogging 101 class involve reading other blogs, not only as a means for having examples of good (and sometimes, not so good) blogs, but as a way to get to know “the neighbors”. Yesterday’s assignment required that we find and comment on four blogs we had not commented on before. After scanning several new (to me) blogs, I found a blog post entitled “The Blue Funk”. It was the newest post on a blog called Ramblings of a Crazy Old Lady. […]

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