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#amwriting #soCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Remembering

on 11/12/2016

Two on a Rant

“…Friday prompt forStream of Consciousness Saturdayis: “mem.” Choose a word or words with the letters “mem” in that order and run with it.”


It was a balmy Saturday night, the tiny orange lights from their cigarettes glowing every time they took a puff. My mother was one of the few non-smokers in the group as they discussed topics of no interest to a child too busy running her bare feet over the Bermuda grass just for the feel of it.  

Few types of grass grew in South Florida without a ton of fertilizer, but Bermuda grass seemed to thrive on sand as it crawled like a centipede shaped vine across the yard.

Past a full moon, an airplane flew, circling around in a bid to land at the International Airport a mile from my home.  So much promise for the future, so many possible paths, my…

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One response to “#amwriting #soCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Remembering

  1. floridaborne says:

    Thanks for reblogging.

    This has been a rough week of soul searching and getting sucked into the virtual rioting on FB. I’m taking a step back to take a good hard look. Yes, we as individuals have to look at ourselves first and say, “Our reactions are the root of the problem.” Then we have to follow the money, greed, and power and stop falling for the bait.

    Actually, I’m preaching to myself more than anyone else. I’m the only one who can change me. 🙂

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